Nordic Highlight - Jazon and the Dead - Zombie Adventure Game

Article by Rasmus Jensen. 

So, here we have a project very close to my heart. I have personally known the boys from 2nd Studio for almost 3 years. That is why I am so very pleased to see them move forward with this game production! 

 Well designed and super well animated. Jazon and the Dead has it all! 

Well designed and super well animated. Jazon and the Dead has it all! 

But what is Jazon and the Dead? Well, by the studios own account, the game is a top-down 3D action adventure game for PC and Mac. The game combines intense action with puzzle solving in a immersive player driven story. 

What they fail to mention is the fact that Jazon and the Dead is a game practically oozing with personality. The universe, the dialogue and of course the characters themselves, I love it all! 

To summarize, Jazon and the Dead is a retro Grindhouse movie mixed with science fiction, all wrapped up in a great looking game! I mean, zombie killing AND hoverbikes. What more do you want?

Now pay attention, this part is important! Today, the 31.October (Halloween), Jazon and the Dead launched on the professional video game crowdfunding platform Fig, a platform which at this point already have helped to finance hit games like Psychonauts 2 and Wasteland 3.

I can tell from the smile on your lips, and the bloodlust in your eyes, that this game has peaked your interest. Well, if you want to contribute and pledge to this awesome production, just follow this link!