Nordic Highlight - DROPS - Experimental watercolor animation.

DROPS is a 2D animated and hand painted short film for children and families. The story is described as a celebration of life and everyone’s natural place in the cycle of life and death. Most remarkably, the production is done in an experimental and very beautiful watercolor style.

The short is currently being developed by the young animation company KASA, who works from Arsenalet in Viborg, Denmark. Originally the project started out in the talent development initiative Open Workshop, also located in Viborg, Denmark (What a talented place). 

 This short animation tests shows just how complex and beautiful this animation style is.

The Story, as told by the creators.
"We discover a raindrop in the cycle of water for the first time. He is an awkward but charming little guy called Philly. Together with the playful female drop, Lily, he runs after the clouds and hurries to keep up with the rain. Their entire lifetime unfolds as they indulge in the rain. But inevitablebly the rain comes to an end and the greatness of their existence is revealed when the sun comes out and they find there is nothing to be afraid of."

Still in development
At this point the team behind DROPS are more than half way through the movie.

But that does not mean that you will have to wait to see more. The creator´s Facebook page is practically updated daily, bringing you all the newest artwork and some nice behind-the-scenes footage. Visit it right here. 

We here at Spearhead Nordic will also keep you updated as we monitor the project with HUGE interest.