Create a strong promotion platform - Marketing material

Article written by Rasmus Jensen in collaboration with Ryan Summers. 

Note that this article is part of an ongoing series:
- Get started on your promotion strategy.
- Social Media Marketing.

- The Perfect Press Release.

This will be the first of many articles where we here at Spearhead Nordic will teach you how build a strong promotion platform.

Everyone knows that a good marketing campaign is often the key to a game´s success. But did you know that an effective marketing campaign does not necessarily need a big budget? We will show you how.

This first article will focus on how to make strong promotion material for your game production. Any game developer worth his salt should have most of these things ready before launching a new title. Think of this article as a check-list of things you need to get done.


Video material is still the best way to promote your new game production.
Here is a few tips on how to make the best possible promotion video: 

- Keep it to 90 seconds or less.
- Grab their attention. Hit them hard and early.
- Remember your company logo (5 seconds).
- Use in-game footage (No faking).
- Make sure the music and sound effects compliments the visuals.
- If possible, add 2-3 positive testimonials.
- End it with a bang or cliffhanger. Make them want more!
- Be sure to upload these videos on YouTube so they will be easy for others to share.

Screen shots

Screen shots are still a big aspect of promotion. True, they do not convey the same value as a video. But remember, a screen shot will often be the first thing a person will see when they look up your game. Here is a few tips on how to make good screen shots.
- High-res (1920×1080px or bigger).
- Engaging scenes, key points of the game.
- Be sure to have good composition.
- Complimenting colors is a great way to improve a screen shots signal value.
- Make sure that the screen shots are focused. If to many things are going on at the same time it will be difficult for the eye to take it all in. This is especially true for people looking up your game on mobile devices with tiny screens.

Press release

Everyone knows that you will need a press release before launching your game. But how do you make the best possible one? The following tips should prove helpful, as they highlight the most important aspects of a good press release:
- Fist paragraph must capture attention, establish the theme of the game and fit in all important info.
- Testimonials from credible sources are very important. Be sure to collect these as early as possible
- Describe the vision of your company, the strengths of your team and of course your contact info.
- Seeing how press releases are mostly digital these days, be sure to use your awesome trailers and screen shots.
- Be sure to highlight your game´s sales points. Why will people want to play it?
- Remember all relevant links, especially the one to your landing page.

Landing page

A landing page will be in the center of your promotion. It is here people will find all the info about your game, the team behind the production, reviews, social media links, contact info and more. We here at Spearhead Media can not understate the importance of a strong landing page. This is why we have written down these tips for you:
- No navigation, no distractions. Make it a one-pager if possible.
- Use attention grabbing headlines.
- Add plenty of social media links.
- Make sure your landing page visually match your game production.
- Strong focus on ”Call-to-action” (Try it now, play it here, sign up here).
- Be sure to highlight your company and your vision. Show them you are human.
- Be sure to have an auto-play trailer video on the top of your landing page.
- Only have the very best screen shots on your landing page.
- Plenty of testimonials and reviews. Keep updating these whenever you can.
- Contact information and a nice press-kit for the game journalists.


Press-kits are designed to save you a lot of trouble. A press-kit will allow a journalist to learn all the important aspects of your game. This means that they will be able to represent your company and game without necessarily having to contact you first. This will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. A good press-kit will have to contain the following:
- Logo for your company and game (Be sure to upload both in AI./EPS. and PNG).
- The trailer for your game, with a download button if possible.
- 4-5 of the very best screen shots from the game.
- A game fact sheet which highlights all the features and selling points of your game.
- Add the newest version of your press release.
- Be sure to add awards the game might have received.
- If possible, add a game demo.
- This last one is not so important, but if you have some nice promotional art, add that as well. People like pretty pictures.

Development Blog

Next to a teaser video a development blog is still one of the best ways to create pre-hype for your game. Many people, especially other developers, enjoy following the production of new games. Development blogs are often also the first place a game journalist will learn about your production. But for your blog to be successful, you will also have to take these things into account:
- Update often (3-4 times a week).
- If possible make the content visually appealing with concept art and video clips.
- Predicable upload times (Upload on the same days).
- Make is accessible from your social media platforms.
- Listen and respond to any feedback given, both positive and negative.
- Add an E-mail subscription or a newsletter function. These are especially good to have when you launch the game.
- Be sure to promote in the end of every article . "Check out our Facebook, website or our new trailer," and so on.

We hope you learned something to today. However, if you have some questions, feel free to contact us at