Create a strong promotion platform - Get started on a promotion strategy!

Article written by Rasmus Jensen in collaboration with Ryan Summers. 

Note that this article is part of an ongoing series: 
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Creating a promotion strategy for your game can be a lot of hard work. It is, however, essential for your game´s success that you take this part seriously.

To help you along, we here at Spearhead Nordic have comprised a little exercise which will help you get started.

Ask yourself these questions and write everything down that comes to mind. The answers to these questions will be the framework of your new promotion strategy.

How is your game special or innovative? These will become your game´s main features and selling points, the subjects your promotion strategy should make sure to highlight. This can be a lot of different things, everything from the game´s unique story, to fun mechanics, retro graphics, new platform, and so on.

Who is your target audience? How old are the people you’re trying to push your product to? What do they enjoy? Where can you find them? How much can they afford to spend on a game? How many hours a week do they play games? Getting connected with your audience is an extremely powerful asset!

What is the essence of your game? Keep this statement short and sweet. When done, you will have a good first draft for your game´s synopsis or tagline.

On which platforms will you launch? Make a list of platforms for your game and then start to research the strengths and weaknesses between them. Did you miss something? Would your game be perfect for Apple TV or maybe some other platform?

Do you utilize your chosen platforms to their full potential? If not, what features could you add? Keep asking yourself this question for every single platform. These features can quickly become additional selling points for game.

Will your game have a synchronized launch across many platforms? Making a big splash on day 1 is will greatly improve your chances of getting featured in stores and journalists will be able to spot you more easily. It does however take a lot of planning, so better start now. 

Have you thought about combining your launch with a big event? Why not launch your new horror game around Halloween? With a new Star Wars movie coming out, maybe the market will be ready for a new science fiction adventure game! Maybe your fantasy game would be ripe for launch when the new season of Game Of Thrones will be out? Utilize the fact that your customers will most likely be in a specific mindset and then tie this into your promotion strategy.

Will you be able to give your game away for free? If at least for a few days, "Free for a limited time only" is a great way to insure that both your customers, and also reviewers, will pick up your game. Be sure to add this to your press release.

What are you goals? Set some goals and be sure to reach for them. How many people will need to play your game for you to make a profit? How many downloads do you want? Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you want to be featured in TV? What is the next step for the game after launch? Don´t be modest, go crazy with this one!

Does your company have an edge when compared to others? Do you have a specific vision? Unique ideas? Interesting team members? If you don´t already have a vision, this will be a good time to figure something out!

Why is your game so special? With an industry literally exploding with hundreds of new games every day, you need to be able to stand out in a crowd. I wish I could tell you that making a good games is all you would need to succeed, but that is simply not the case. That is why we will be making this promotion strategy. 

All done? Good! We could easily ask you more questions but that is not the point of this exercise. This lesson is to make you question all aspects of your game production, discovering things you might have overlooked.

Now take a second to look over your many answers. What you have here is a decent framework for your future promotion strategy. By now you should have a pretty clear picture of your game´s strengths and weaknesses. Now you just have to make a promotion strategy which complements these choices and allows you to reach your goals.

We hope you learned something to today. However, if you have some questions, feel free to contact us at