Nordic Highlight - Keyboard Sports – A keyboard love story!

This project is freaking adorable! With all our modern gadgets and interfaces for gaming purposes, Keyboard Sports wishes to go back to basics, back to the humble computer keyboard!

The game is developed by the talented team over at Triband, a small game company based in Copenhagen. Keyboard Sports is the studios first published title and they have promised it will only get weirder from here. We here at Spearhead Media will very much look forward to that!

So why are we talking about this game now?
Short answer, because this is a fun game and everyone should know about it.
Long answer? A preview of the game will be available in the Humble Monthly (November 2016), so clicking right here will be your best shot if you want to become an early keyboard master!

As for the full release? We can look forward to that in early 2017. But, note that game will NEVER be available on Playstation, Xbox, iOS, Android or Wii U! Remember, this is a keyboard love story!