Nordic Highlight - Books&Magic - Adding a new dimension to reading!

Read. Explore. Play! This is the vision of Copenhagen based company Books&Magic, as they create magical worlds using Augmented Reality technology.

The magic of reading
Books&Magic uses the technology to add another dimension to classical book reading. Unleashing the ”magic” of reading by using Augmented Reality to make the story come to life. A bedtime story becomes an adventure, allowing the child to participate through small games, creating a completely new experience. All you need is the book and a smartphone.

So far only one book has been published, the Danish story of ”The Little Mermaid”, written by beloved national hero Hans Christian Andersen. Very fitting for a first release! Next up will be another Danish classic, "The Tinderbox".

So why not just read a normal book?
Because it looks cool is actually a pretty good reason, in our humble opinion. Ever since seeing the holographic board game in ”Star Wars – A New Hope”, we have subconsciously wanted to see something like that in real life. A new dimension to entertainment.

Of course, as hologram technology is not exactly common place, Augmented Reality allows many more people to partake in this experience. After all, according to, the world will have 2.5 billion active smartphone users by 2019.

Secondly, Books&Magic hopes that this new edge to classical storytelling will ignite some curiosity in children, making them want to read more, which is always a noble cause.


Want to try it out?
Well, you are in luck! The book is available on Books&Magic´s own personal webshop, both in a English, Danish (and soon also German) edition.

In case you can not wait to get your hands on the physical product, you can download the app for free right here.

And the absolutely best part? The webshop has world wide shipping! So yeah, you are basically out of excuses. You can pick up your copy of the book right here.