Svartzul - A new animation and music collaboration!

Article written by Rasmus Jensen in collaboration with Ryan Summers. 

There is always something cool going on in the Danish animation industry, and this week was no exception. Working from the creative company cluster Arsenalet, located in Viborg, the animation company SØNC has just released something brand new and amazing. A few years ago, when we first heard about the project, it was called Crane. Now it is better known as Tantratic.

This first video in this new series, Svartzul, is an immensely impressive mix of music and animation. Smooth, colorful, and high-tech in style, and the same can be said for the score, which has been provided by the talented musician Jenny Rossander (Also known as Lydmor).

The project is being spearheaded by Jeanette Nørgaard, an experienced writer and director who has already proven her skills in previous productions such as “Leitmotif” and “Hund I Himlen”. Over the last few years she has independently worked on this project and is now ready to show the world, in close collaboration with producer Lorène Lescanne.

In order to follow along with this ever-growing universe, Spearhead Media recommends that you visit the production´s own website ( and follow the development on Instagram and Facebook.

We still have a lot of amazing animation to look forward to, so stay tuned!