Create a strong promotion platform - The perfect press release!

Article written by Rasmus Jensen in collaboration with Ryan Summers. 

Note that this article is part of an ongoing series: 
- How to make strong promotion material.
- Get started on your promotion strategy.
- Social Media Marketing.

You and your team have slaved away for ages. You have pushed yourself to your technical and creative limits. But soon it will all pay off. Soon it will be time to release your game!

But wait! You can´t just launch your game without posting a press release. The world needs to know your game is out! 

Putting together a good press release can be tricky. However, we here at Spearhead Nordic want to help you out. We have therefore crafted this template so you can make the perfect press release. Yeah okay, perfect is a pretty fancy word, but it is just such an awesome sounding title. 

Do you want a PDF-version of this template? Click right here. 


With your press release complete, it is now time to share it! This should be no problem, as you of course have a nice PR-list ready my now. No? Okay, we will have to cover that in a future article.

We hope you learned something to today. If you have some questions, feel free to contact us at