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Viborg municipality

By Rasmus F. Jensen

Yes, that is right, even the local government wishes to utilize all the creative potential in Viborg, even going so far as to make it one of its primary development ambitions for the future. Viborg municipality might be one of the only places on the planet where you will find an actual Animation-strategy, along with a government funded Animation Coordinator. The aforementioned strategy has at this point aided local productions with financial funding, showcasing how animation can be used for other things then just entertainment.

The strategy, along with its appointed Animation Coordinator, has showed how animation can be used as an effective communication tool within the fields of health, education, public communication and culture, expanding the animation market in the process. The Viborg municipality has on several occasions stated that they wish to make Viborg the animation capital of Europe. Even if that is a pretty tall order, I have to admit, the environment might just have the necessary ingredients and passion to make it happen. I guess only time will tell. If you wish to see the productions which have been developed with help from the animation-strategy, all you have to do is visit this website. 


Honestly, I could talk about this stuff forever, we have hardly even brushed the surface yet. Needless to say, we do have a fairly unique creative environment here in Viborg, with a huge international potential.

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