Nordic Highlight - The Forest Beyond - Stop-motion animation game project

By Rasmus F. Jensen

Do you know what I love? Stop-motion animation. Everything from Ray Harryhausen to the new productions by Laika Entertainment.

Do you know what I love? Video games. Been playing since 1994 and I don´t see myself stopping anytime soon.

If only a product existed that combined these two... Yeah okay, you can probably see where I am going with this. The Forest Beyond, an ambitious stop-motion animation children´s game.

With initial development funding secured, we can expect to see some great things from this project. So, why not drop by their Facebook page and give them a follow? Click right here!

They are practically building an entire world, and you get to see every step of the way. Everything from character design to the actual process of building the beautiful stop-motion props.

Stay tuned for more, as Spearhead Media will follow the development of this game with big interest.