Nordic Highlight - Spektakel - Cyberpunk Fairytale

By Rasmus Jensen

Well, I have a real treat for you today. Spektakel, a new Danish edutainment production, which blends the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Snow Queen" with cyberpunk aesthetics and educational gameplay.

Yeah, I know, that might just be the best combination since pizza and beer.

So, what is the story? In Spektakel you play as Gerda, a young girl who lives in the slums of a major city with her good friend Kai. When their home is destroyed by a meteor shower, Kai and Gerda embark on an adventure, that sees Kai abducted by the evil Snow Queen. Gerda now has to set out on an adventure to save Kai and in the process gain literacy and new friendships.


The game is very bold in both scope but also ambition, as it wishes to teach people with dyslexia how to read while also delivering a tight game experience and a great story.

So, be sure to show your support and follow the progress of this production on Spektakel´s Facebook page.