AniDox:Lab - Animated documentary workshop

By Rasmus Jensen

So, what heck is AniDox:Lab anyway? Well, it is a workshop which offers talented documentary and animation filmmakers the opportunity to engage and combine their two worlds, in order to create something new.

AniDox:Lab. The workshop is open to animators, animation film directors and documentary film directors and producers, creating a diverse group with different, but complimentary, professional backgrounds.

Naturally filmmakers applying for AniDox:Lab are expected to have previous experience in animation or documentary film-making, and they are going to need it, because by the end of the workshop they will have to pitch their projects. More often than not, the groups will keep in contact after the workshop has ended in order to continue the work on their animated documentary, meaning that AniDox:Lab also acts as a platform for international co-productions. 

If you want to learn more about this wonderful initiative, feel free to follow this link. 

For everyone else, have a great day!