Nordic Highlight - Dave In the Desert - New game production!

Article written by game developer Mikael Ilnæs. Check him out here. 

"Taking my inspiration from the old card-game "Mars attack" and my general love for retro science fiction, I got an Idea about a year ago that I would love to make a UFO invasion game. The game should be easy to play and hopefully connect to the nostalgia of playing simple games on giant arcade machines.

In the game you control your very own UFO and need to “ZAP” as many humans as possible, while avoiding police, the Anti Invasion Bureau and of course Dave.

Dave is a trailer-trash redneck who has found the long lost mighty alien core. After exposure to this mighty gem he is now Dave-with-super-powers-looking-to-kick-serious-alien-invasion-ass, and is determined to find you…and take you down!

We will keep you posted as the production comes along. For now, please enjoy some of our alien concept art!