Create a strong promotion platform - The power of personal branding!

Article written by Rasmus Jensen in collaboration with Ryan Summers. 

Note that this article is part of an ongoing series: 
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Personal branding can be defined as the public image you make for yourself as a person online. How people see you, as well as what feelings and thoughts your name invoke. With the rise of social medias you now have less AND more control over this than ever before.

Today we will teach you all you need to know! The content of this article will especially be valuable for small companies, freelancers, Twitch streamers, and YouTubers, as this will improve your digital reach, user engagement, and in the long run, your revenue!

Well, enough with the introductions, let us get started.

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Authentic marketing is the name of the game!

If you are only going online to spam your content without regard for other people, you sadly won’t garner nearly the amount of success you could obtain under more professional standard. We here at Spearhead Media believe in the use of authentic marketing and that is what we will be teaching.

Engagement is built on emotion. Building a personal brand is, in other words, the skill of building real long lasting relationships between you and your audience.

A sin many professional advertising companies commits is that they forget to act human. In their quest to prove they are best at everything, they fail to understand the basic human need to be understood and related to. How can you relate to anyone if your are walking around with your head in the clouds? Your audience is pressing “Come down here and share with us on a personal level!”

What is your personal brand?

For some people this part can actually be a little tricky, as it requires you to stop and look inwards. After all, how are you supposed to represent yourself online if you don´t understand what makes you unique?

You need to find the characteristics that represents you. Are you having trouble figuring these out? Then ask someone else! Asking for help is the best thing anyone can do for themselves when building a personal brand. People who know you should have no trouble explaining what makes you... well, you!

Once you have identified these personal traits and strengths, then it is time to perfect them. Learn all you can about your personal strengths, your competencies, and try to become an expert at/with them. After all, you never stop evolving, so might as well take control and become the very best you can be!

Find your brand voice!

”Communicating with people online is so soulless and impersonal.” Wrong! Most people just really suck at communicating their brand voice. Not only online, it happens all the time in real life too.

No one wants to talk to a robot, so when communicating with your target audience and clients, be sure to add some personality to your writing. A little seasoning helps everything go down more smoothly.

Apply some energy! Tell a joke. Hell, curse a little! It is okay, we are all adults here. People will often react very well to the ”voice” in your writing, and in turn, you will see your user engagement grow rapidly as people get to know you a little better. This part should prove a small challenge, as you have of course already identified your personal brand in point before this one.

Marketing plan

Yes, this part does sound a little dry... But this is the point that will make you rise over the competition and can improve your reach exponentially if done right.

Who is your target audience? Where is your target audience? Think about what do they like, what do they hate, what do they need? Sit down and analyze these points. Then when you are implementing these answers into your communication, monitor the results, make changes to the strategy and then try again. After a short time you will start to see what content creates the results you want.

Good news, you now have your first marketing plan!

Bad news, your marketing plan will need to evolve along with your target audience, and therefore will never really be finished. Be sure to observe the digital trends and use them to your advantage whenever possible. Listen to feedback constantly and try to accommodate the needs of your target audience.

Design your content / visual identity

With the experiences you just made under ”Marketing plan” this part should not prove to difficult. You do not have to be a Photoshop wizard to make content, you just need to know what your audience likes.

Also, this is where the traditional branding mentality will start to do some serious work for you. Make sure your content reflects your chosen visual identity. Use the same kind of colors, use the same kind of words, the same kind of tone, use the same font. After a short time people will know what to expect from you and will even start to seek it out when browsing around on social medias.

And in case you need more help, drop by our article about marketing material right here. That should give you plenty to work with.

Keep up that online presence!

I am sorry to say that most social media users have the attention span of toddlers. As soon as you are no longer in their peripheral vision, you barely exist or stop existing completely. We’re talking about 11 seconds tops of focus, and that’s not guaranteed. A pretty harsh truth, but such is the digital age.

This is why you need to keep up your online presence using all the tips we have shared with you. Keep up your personal branding, keep posting, and you should be able to reach the goals you have set for this new endeavor.

And...  if you need help with your social media marketing, fear not, because we wrote a whole article about that. Just click right here; we will make sure you are prepared!

We hope you learned something to today. However, if you have some questions, feel free to contact us at