Nordic Highlight - My Child: Lebensborn

A child’s life might be simple, but for this one kid, the scar of war hits them the hardest.

My Child: Lebensborn is a story driven nurture game about children being born in war. You are an adoptive parent taking them in, living in norway in 1951. You don’t have that much money so you’re forced to keep a tight budget to keep you both healthy. You are on the front seat to take part in a child’s life as they grow up in a community that doesn’t see them as equal, and it is up to you to balance both money and time to make sure they have a great upbringing.

The game is based on real stories that real Lebensborn children have experienced, making sure that the game stays true to what it sets out to do: spreading awareness about the subject. My Child: Lebensborn is a timely release more than ever, with a great artstyle and a somber theme, with gameplay being a mix of ‘Papers, Please’ and ‘My Talking Angela’.

The game is currently on Kickstarter right now and has already reached their goal with few days to go, giving us a polished experience that will be hitting the Android and Apple stores in 2017.

In case you want to support the game on Kickstarter, like we here at Spearhead Nordic already have, you should drop by the campaign page right here. You still have time!

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