Spearhead Nordic Contributors

The talented team who works tirelessly, day and night, to bring you the very best of Scandinavian animation, games and entertainment!

Rasmus Jensen

Editor-in-chief and Founder

Rasmus is the founder of Spearhead Nordic. He currently has several years of first-hand experience in the creative industry, working as Project Coordinator and Communication Manager for the creative company cluster, Arsenalet.

His professional background is a diploma in Visual Communication, where he specialized in creative medias, graphic facilitation, company branding and marketing. In addition to this, he also has a graduated producer course from the world famous animation school, The Animation Workshop.

Ryan Summers

Editor and Voice Actor

Ryan, also known as RyanTheMic, is a professional Voice Actor who delivers his voice work for Spearhead Nordic. He also acts as co-editor, collaborating on articles with Rasmus Jensen, whenever it is needed.

Ryan currently does voice overs and impersonations for various content creators and names across the world. Alongside that, he dabbles in the arts, music, and is seeking a degree in communications.



Blank is an aspiring animator who also likes to practice illustration and character design. She is currently in the process of getting a degree in graphic design.

Blank is also the talented artist who created Spearhead Nordic´s mascot, Luka, and continues to draw the character to this day.

Chrystal Andersen

Photographer and Writer

Chrystal Andersen is Spearhead Nordic´s photographer, author and text-writer.

At events and conferences she has a real gift of capturing both the small and big moments, leaving us with some first class promotion photos.

Furthermore, she is a skilled writer, who at this point has worked on several creative productions. If you need help with your next project, she will be able to consult you with storytelling, and how to make a fictional universe seem more real, more lifelike, and make sure that your characters are compelling.

Mikkel Jespersen

QA Tester and Game Designer

Mikkel Jespersen has a degree in multimedia and game design.

Along with that, he has 2 years of professional QA and marketing experience from his internship at Interceptor Entertainment.

Lastly, he is quite the social media savvy with insights in competitive aspects of video games and a very critical way of thinking.