The use of authentic marketing

If you are only going online to spam your content without regard for other people, you sadly won’t garner nearly the amount of success you could obtain under more professional standard.

We here at Spearhead Nordic believe in the use of authentic marketing and that is what we will be practicing.

Engagement is built on emotion. Building a brand is, in other words, the skill of building real long-lasting relationships between you and your audience.

A sin many professional advertising companies commits is that they forget to act human. In their quest to prove they are best at everything, they fail to understand the basic human need to be understood and related to.

How can you relate to anyone if you are walking around with your head in the clouds? Your audience is pressing “Come down here and share with us on a personal level!” That is what we do at Spearhead Nordic, and the results so far have been great.

So, if you are looking for: 
- A creative partner in crime.
- Someone you can collaborate with, eye-to-eye.
- A person to take care of your marketing/promotion.
- Someone to help you build a community/fanbase.
- Improved international reach and influence marketing.
- Someone to carry your project to new heights.

Then do not hesitate, contact us today!
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Improved reach and influence

By utilizing our social media channels, our network and influencer marketing, we will improve the reach of your product, making sure the world knows about it. In collaboration with you, we will put together an effective strategy, improving your position in the industry as early as possible, while also generating a fanbase, community and later sales.


Marketing and promotion strategies

Allow us to take care of your marketing strategy. We will take care of research and create the best possible plan for your product. This involves all aspects of creative productions. Let us sit down and find the strengths of your project, maximizing its impact from day 1.



Press-material and text-writing

Is launch day just around the corner? You have slaved away for ages and now it is time to show the world what you are made of. As this can be a daunting and complicated task, why not let us do it? Based on your product we will put together a strong press-release for you and share it with a tailor made list of journalists, websites and influencers, giving your product the best possible start.

Social Media Management

Let us help you build your community. By putting together a social media strategy, based on your project, we can help you build and engage your potential fanbase. We will help you develop the correct content, find your ”voice”, assist you with the timing and make sure you use the right social media networks. The distance between creator and customer has never been this short before, so never underestimate the value of good social media management.

Branding material

Using the same skill-set of big shot advertising firms, we can help you put together strong branding and marketing content. This covers everything from websites, promotion art, trailers, teasers, business cards, video material, articles, conference material and much more. Don´t underestimate the power of a strong brand, because we sure won´t.